Les Mallory, who breeds Texas Longhorns once told Sam Rayes not to even consider looking at his cattle, known as Quixote Longhorns, if they were short of meat supplies. Les told Sam "heck Sam, we will sell you before we sell one of those good looking critters."

Once Sam had purchased 15 head to be processed for Eid, he took Les to the holding pens to look them over. As each one was being inspected one turned out to be a young, but large Longhorn. Les asked Sam, "is that one of ours?" The reply was "yes".

The Longhorn was to be blessed and slaughtered the next day for Naser Hittiny, a local Houston grocery store owner for the start of Eid. That same afternoon, Les asked Sam to call the packaging plant and pull the Longhorn from being blessed. Today, the Longhorn is at Les' ranch and serves as the company's mascot and is named "Eid" in honor of the yearly celebration.

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